Garage Conversions In West Hendon

Many homes use their garage as storage rather than as a place to help keep their car dry. We find that family garages are not really used as the home for the family car or 4WD, but rather as a storage room for damaged furniture, old tyres, unused children’s playthings and things that “might” get used again one day (but hardly ever do!). Does that sound like your garage?

There is a far better use for such a big part of your home than a simple junk store room! Take advantage of the wasted space and transform your garage area into a usable, stunning room with a garage conversion.

For many years cars have become ever wider while single garages have continued to be the same width, making it difficult to open the doors of your car in it nowadays, and yet while the car has grown out of your garage, a traditional single garage is still about 150 sq ft. which offers the possibility of designing a substantial amount of more living space for you to enhance your home. A double or much larger garage can offer a lot more possibilities.

The beauty of a garage conversion is that it’s a lot more economical than a regular extension (or a loft conversion) as the infrastructures, walls and floor are already there and (in the larger part of cases) planning permission is not needed. It is a comparatively affordable way of adding space to your home and making it possible for you to avoid the huge cost and aggravation of moving home to get the increased room that you need to have.

Just imagine the possibilities; an additional bedroom, a dedicated home office space or even that gym you have often wanted. Ultimately a garage can be converted into anything your heart desires with the only restrictions being your imagination and budget (subject to building regulations). Common options for garage conversions include: an extra bedroom, a children’s playroom, a home cinema, gym, home office, artist’s studio, workshop, craft room, granny flat (or flat for a son/daughter/family carer).

Research by Virgin Money suggests that transforming your garage could add approximately ₤ 40,000 to the market value of your residential or commercial property, making it an extremely economical way to add a large amount of resale value and added square footage to your residential or commercial property.

Every single project we undertake is fully compliant with all legal building ordinance and regulations, giving you complete assurance that your freshly converted space has been constructed to the highest possible standards.

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