Replacement Soffits and Fascias In West Hendon

If you are a home owner or a property manager looking to improve your fascias to enhance your home, we provide a complete range of high quality, high specification UPVC fascias designed for long-life durability, low-maintenance and beautiful aesthetics.

We supply our fantastic ranges of made to measure fascias, soffits, guttering and cladding in a whole host of style and colours, developed to complement and enhance your home, creating an appealing exterior that will last for many years.

When you choose a new roofline system, you can be sure that your property will not only look fantastic, it will also be protected from the elements and nesting birds.

Prior to any new Roofline installation starts, we will strip out all existing fascias and soffits and cut out any rotted felt to the eaves of the roof.

All of our fascias and soffits come in a range of designs, effects, shades and finishes, and will not rot, flake, split or peel.

We are proud to offer a range of finishes to complement the job.

Among the best qualities of uPVC roofline is how quickly it can be cleaned. Whenever any dirt or grime has built up on it, simply clean it away with a soft cloth and soapy water and return it to its former splendor. You can forget about performing any other kind of maintenance for it and since it’s also highly resistant against warping, cracking and discolouration, it offers long-lasting, hassle-free protection for your house.

Even though the roofline provides an essential layer of protection for your property, it also affects how your property looks in the eyes of those passing by. Therefore, it needs to look its best. The good news is that not only does our uPVC roofline come in a choice of vibrant finishes, but our white products are warranted against warping, discolouring and cracking for 20 years and our coloured versions for 10, so they will continue to look great for years to come.

Bargeboards are a strong ornamental board located at the gable end of the roof that is designed to both shield and conceal the roof timbers of your house. The bargeboards will keep your roofline perfectly dry, with a smooth and consistent appearance and no unattractive gaps or holes.

Dry Verge
Dry verge end caps are a much better option than using sand and cement for the end of the tiles on a gable end, and are excellent at keeping birds and pests away, quick and very easy to install, well priced, strong and durable and quality checked.

Soffit and Fascias
Practically every home has fascias and soffits, many of which are created from timber or a similar material. This needs considerable regular maintenance if you want to retain condition and enable it to protect your home from the weather conditions. Gradually however, and due to exposure, wood can rot, ultimately damaging your property.

If this has happened to your fascias and soffits, just contact us. Our team are specialists in the installation of fascias and soffits, removing the old and rotten material and fitting new uPVC rooflines

Bad gutters can cause a lot of problems at a residential or commercial property, so there are a few warning signs to keep an eye out for that could indicate it’s time for a replacement.

Keep a watch out for leaks or cracks and drooping gutters. They are all indicators that you are all set for a replacement.

Soffits, Fascias and Guttering

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