Property Alterations

Often the smallest improvements can make a significant difference to your home. When done well, property alterations can enrich a building and your way of life too. If you crave more natural light, or maybe an open plan layout, we can make your ideas a reality.

Our team have a great deal of experience in building alterations for example, removing load bearing wall. Putting new openings to walls and also blocking up existing openings.

A lot of our customers are after the open plan lifestyle and we undertake a lot of wall removals. Many are load bearing a few are not. The most in demand load bearing wall to be removed is the one between the kitchen and dining-room to produce a large kitchen diner. Yet another is the wall in between the living-room and dining room.

We also take out chimneys in parts or the whole chimney and we even open them up and add new lintels to raise the height of the chimney opening to allow cookers to be installed inside.

Our service means that we can recommend and guide you on any alterations that you may wish to undertake, including structural alterations, to ensure that you don’t encounter any surprise whilst accomplishing the project.

Whether you’re seeking to extend your home or you want to renovate the whole building, our specialists can help. Our highly-trained and competent team specialise in the installation and renovation of bathrooms, kitchens and wet rooms as well. We do a thorough job and we do it professionally each time, always providing the highest standards to meet your requirements.

If you would like any further information about this or help with any building project please contact us or call us 07595 510 190. More contact details are available on our home page.

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