Loft Conversions – Could You Benefit from More Space in Your Home?

Loft conversions are a hot topic with homeowners. Loft conversions are the best option for those who don’t wish to add on to their home and encroach onto precious gardens. Are you looking for an additional bedroom, a home office, or a playroom in your home? A loft is the ideal space for you to retreat to. A loft can be used as a home entertainment room, a creative workspace or a home gym. These dreams can be made a reality with a loft conversion.

Many homeowners desire a complete loft conversion, with a new staircase that leads to the new space. Some people just need extra storage or an area that can be used occasionally. Although a simple conversion will not increase your home’s worth as much, it might still be the right solution for you. A loft conversion specialist is able to assist you in making the right decisions, drawing up plans, as well as executing the work to meet your needs.

You can convert your loft to suit your every need. Loft spaces are brightened up and made more cheerful.

Moving to a bigger house is not always the best move in today’s uncertain housing marketplace. In addition to the expense of adding one or two additional rooms, there are also the inconvenience and stress involved in moving.

There are many reasons homeowners might require more space. Perhaps your family is growing, you have a baby or teenager who requires more privacy. Perhaps you are thinking of moving an aging parent into your home or using the extra space for a personal office.

No matter what your needs and wants are, a loft conversion is a great way to expand your living space without having to move.

How much space do your above-ground spaces have? A loft can easily accommodate an additional bedroom or study in most homes and bungalows. A loft space in a terraced home with two bedrooms will often have enough room to accommodate a third bedroom and an en-suite bathroom.

A full loft convert might be less costly than you think. This will help increase your home’s market value by between 20-30% and 20%, depending on the size of the conversion. The amount required to convert a loft varies depending upon the design and structure of the conversion. The entire process can take between 6 and 7 weeks.


This type house renovation involves extensive structural alteration. This type of home renovation can be done DIY, but it is easier to have a team of professionals. Hire a loft conversion specialist that employs only the most skilled tradesmen.

A loft conversion requires consideration of many factors. An inspection will be done to verify that there is sufficient space in the loft for the conversion to be feasible. Also, the area under the roof bridge should allow for adequate headroom. Access stairs must be able to fit in the space available.

We will inspect the roof for signs of leaks. Roof leaks can be repaired either before or after the conversion.

The next step is to decide what type of conversion you want. This is dependent on your budget and requirements. Talk to your loft specialist to discuss your requirements and get their advice on the best options.

The company will conduct a preliminary consultation free of charge. They will then take measurements and present you with a plan that shows the layout of the stairs and the dimensions of the loft. A detailed estimate for the work necessary to convert your loft should be provided at this stage.

Once you accept the loft design company’s offer, they will begin the process for obtaining planning permission. If necessary, a certificate granting legal development and approval under building regulations. When appropriate, they submit detailed structural engineering calculations to the local building control department for approval. Most companies handle the paperwork required for your conversion.

After you have received permissions, your loft conversion can be started at a date and time that suits you. An experienced loft conversion company can handle everything from the initial planning stages to the completion of your new loft’s construction. Each team will have a contract manager, who should be available to answer any questions you may have and help with any problems. Their job is keeping you informed from start through finish.

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